Foreign Labor Certification

26 Oct

Even though outsourcing to another nation has become a common way of reducing cost, many firms can still employ foreign workers to work and perform specific tasks. The reason behind this is the possibility of the foreign worker having some special skills and training or lack of enough residential workers to carry out the jobs.


My Classified Ads Labor certification is one of the main things that a majority of the foreign national would like their employers to sponsor them for green card. Labor certification is done from the department of labour. It is considered as the initial step of the green card process. The labor certification is a process that is always done by the employer and not the government agencies in order to make sure that the jobs they get are legal. They should also make sure that they get legal permission for entry to the specific country.

Since it is the responsibility of the employer to get the My Classified Ads labor certification he or she should prove to the department of labor that all the residential workers have no qualifications and there is no one willing to take up that specific job. At the point which the employer receives the foreign labor certificate they then should help the potential worker to make an application for an immigration visa. The labor certificate always guarantee that the immigration visa is approved. It is then after that they must get an immigration number and at that point they then can work in that particular state.

The job advertised should be reasonable and should not include unlawful discrimination. The job terms and condition and its environment should not be contrary to the law. This enables the employer not to impose illegitimate requirements of the job. The process can be complex as you the employer ha to post the advertisement with the classified ads site. The firm must show al its finances and demonstrate that they are sound enough to hire a foreign worker. Learn more about labor at

Once the labor certification is granted it immediately becomes valid as long as the employment opportunity for which it was approved is still available. There are many certified firms that are involved in the full process of labor certification. Since lots of people wish to work in foreign countries these firms are always busy going through all the application sent to them for certification. The employers also play a vital role. Receiving a labor certification does not change the persons non -immigrant status.

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